By Teo Yaoneng (1M)

After six years of education in primary school, I am ready to start my next phase of education in a secondary school. I have heard numerous stories of how big a jump it is from primary to secondary school, in terms of both workload and number of hours spent in school every day. After studying at RI for nearly six months, I have come to the conclusion that there is indeed more emphasis on holistic education and CCA, unlike in primary school where studies were the main focus of our everyday school life.

The growth and development of the Rafflesian is symbolised by the life cycle of the gryphon—the Hatchling (Year 1–2), the Adolescent (Year 3–4), the Adult (Year 5–6) and the Mature Gryphon (Alumni)
The growth and development of the Rafflesian is symbolised by the life cycle of the gryphon—the Hatchling (Year 1–2), the Adolescent (Year 3–4), the Adult (Year 5–6) and the Mature Gryphon (Alumni)

Now that I am a secondary school pupil, I find that the workload has increased and so has the number of subjects that I take. Previously, I only took seven subjects. However, I now take nine subjects. To add to that, the number of projects I have to do has also risen. Currently, I have projects for History and Chinese, while the English project has recently been completed. Due to the heavier workload, I sometimes have to stay up late at night and end up very tired the next day in school, hence being unable to pay close attention in class. I really wish that I can improve my time management skills.

I am in Track-and-Field, and I must say that CCAs are much more competitive now. For my CCA, I have to attend training sessions three times a week. Some time ago, a shocking news report caught my attention. The article was about a rugby player who went down with heat stroke during rugby training and was sent to the hospital. I hope this piece of news serves to remind us all not to overwork ourselves and to drink plenty of water to keep ourselves well-hydrated.

One good thing about being in RI is that there are many more choices for CCAs, giving us more options to choose from. I feel that Merit CCAs give many a chance to develop our other interests. I am in two merit CCAs at the moment, Raffles Interact Club and the Raffles Publications Club. Since young, I have always wanted to reach out more to the community but I did not have many chances to do so, as my primary school had no such thing as an ‘Interact Club’. Therefore, I was bursting with joy when I heard that there was this wonderful thing called the ‘Interact Club’, which allowed me to help others in society, together with others who have the same interest and passion to help. I am also very happy that there is ‘Publications Club’ which allows me to write my own articles and in so doing, helps me improve my writing.

It seems to me that the discipline system in RI is much stricter and harsher than the one in my primary school. The Raffles Online Warning Slip System, or some prefer to call it ROWSS, is the punishment system in RI for any student who behaves inappropriately. There is also something called the Raffles Diploma, which I do not know much about. If a student receives a warning slip, it will be written on his record, thus affecting his chances of getting a good grade for his Raffles Diploma. Another confession that I read on Raffles Confessions was that the student thinks that ROWSS is unfair as some teachers issue warning slips to students for trivial matters such as eating outside of the canteen.

On an ending note, the gap between primary school and secondary school is a big one; one that is hard to cross. Nevertheless, I am sure that all the Year 1s can do it, with the help of all of you out there.

Gryphon Hatchling