by Fabian Yeo
Chairman, 28th Management Committee
Raffles Parents’ Association


These are challenging times and the world is changing fast. Our children are growing up in a world different from the one we knew when we were their age. Very often in our role as parents, we are faced with challenges to which we have more questions than answers. We try our very best to understand why our children behave and act as they do. We do our best in guiding them without intruding into their ‘space’.

The Management Committee of the Raffles Parents’ Association understand these concerns because we are after all like-minded parents on the same journey. This is the backdrop of our activities organized for all RPA members. We collaborate with the school management and the Raffles Guidance Centre (RGC) so that our events and activities are aligned, thus giving us the tools to nurture our young to become resilient, responsible and respectable adults.

On 12 March 2016, 19 members were elected into the 28th Management Committee (MC) during the Annual General Meeting held at LT1 (Year 1-4 Campus). The MC immediately got to work and prepared for our first event, the Townhall T Meeting for Year 3&4 Parents. About 140 parents turned up on a Saturday morning to have their concerns and queries addressed by Mr Edward Ng, Deputy Principal (Stakeholder Engagement). There will be other Townhall Meetings for Yr.1&2 and Yr.5&6 parents in August.

On Saturday 16th April, close to 200 parents attended a talk by BG (Ret) Ishak Ismail and his team. BG (Ret) Ishak Ismail gave parents an insight into National Service and how to prepare their sons for their ‘Rite of Passage’. Other activities lined-up for all RPA members during the year include a Career Fair and visits to local universities for Year 4-5 parents and health talks for Year 1-3 parents.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of parents, we had a successful Community Outreach Activity. We will again do our part for the Community in November this year. Minister Heng Swee Kiat in his speech at MOE’s Workplan Seminar in 2012 mentioned that ‘Every Parent is a Supportive Partner’. The Raffles Parents’ Association will continue to engage our members so that we can all be valuable partners in our parenting journey.