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Issue 1

Rooted in Service: Legacies of a Family of Old Rafflesians

By June Lee

Lim Boon Keng and Tan Tock Seng have been much credited with the development and building of early Singapore. But an interesting contest run by the Old Rafflesians’ Association (ORA) in 1979 revealed much more. Continue reading “Rooted in Service: Legacies of a Family of Old Rafflesians”


Raffles Romances

Mr Alex Ang (Assistant Department Head, Admissions) and Ms Ng Xinyi (Former teacher who taught in RI from Jun 2009 to Dec 2011)
Mr Alex Ang (Assistant Department Head, Admissions) and Ms Ng Xinyi (Former teacher who taught in RI from Jun 2009 to Dec 2011)

How did you meet each other?

We were both teaching the same class then, 10S06T, but we were merely acquaintances. We were officially introduced to each other by a couple of our teacher colleagues in RI, when they organised badminton sessions for a group of colleagues and invited us. Continue reading “Raffles Romances”

Giving Back: Core to the Rafflesian Soul

By June Lee

Recently, five literature students from the Class of 2013 wrote and launched a book of stories about the lives of former drug addicts. Continue reading “Giving Back: Core to the Rafflesian Soul”

Call of the Wild: A Feature on Eco-lit’s Newest Book

By Mathew Gan (14A01C) and Huang Sihan (14S06D)

photo (2)

A journey into Ubin filled with forest animals with a talking hornbill for a companion, all in an afternoon’s read. Sounds impossible? Think again! Continue reading “Call of the Wild: A Feature on Eco-lit’s Newest Book”

The School At Night

By Teoh Ren Jie

When I think back to my time in Raffles the thing I seem to remember most clearly is the school at night. Like many of us, I often had occasion to stay back in school past sundown, for CCA or for a meeting or simply because it was Year 6 and that it was what people did as the A-Levels approached. Continue reading “The School At Night”

Purposeful Photographers

By Jayne Chan (14S03D), Lim Ci Hui (14A03B) and Vo Van Quoc Toan (14S05A)

We speak to two prominent Rafflesian photographers Esna Ong and Aidan Mock about their different approaches to photography, their influences and photographic opportunities in Singapore. Continue reading “Purposeful Photographers”

Engendering Equality

By Angelica Chong (14A01B), Daniella Low (14A01B), Gao Wenxin (14A03A)

What does feminism mean for the modern woman? Has gender equality really been achieved? Do boys need feminism? Join us as we chat with three Rafflesian feminists, Sugidha Nithi, a former litigator and current in-house lawyer; Teng Qian Xi, a feminist writer and teacher; and Wong Pei Chi, a board member of AWARE; as they share their experiences as a feminist and give valuable insights into gender and social issues pertinent to the modern Singaporean woman. Continue reading “Engendering Equality”

Black Holes and Revelations – The Rise of the Confessions Page

By Allison Choong (14S05B), Bryan Chua (14A01A), Jeremy Khoo (14A01B), Law May Ning (14S03O), Lee Chin Wee (14A01B), Justin Tan Tse (4G), Khairillah Irwan (3B)

It is the new form of confession: the anonymity of the confessional booth replaced by that of the Internet, and fellow Facebook users collectively donning the robe of the priest. As they say, vox populi, vox dei[1]. Continue reading “Black Holes and Revelations – The Rise of the Confessions Page”

Great Adaptations

By Teo Yaoneng (1M)

After six years of education in primary school, I am ready to start my next phase of education in a secondary school. Continue reading “Great Adaptations”

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