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Issue 2

The Past in the Present: Reflections on Rafflesian Togetherness

By Bryan Chua (14A01A) and Law May Ning (14S03O)

27 July 2013 marked the day we celebrated our 190th year of excellence as a school. Continue reading “The Past in the Present: Reflections on Rafflesian Togetherness”


Giving That Really Counts

By June Lee

Ensuring continued financial support for needy students

Since it was founded in 1823, RI has not wavered in its mission. As one of the oldest institutions in Singapore, RI has a track record of developing the best and brightest for the nation regardless of their race or economic backgrounds. Continue reading “Giving That Really Counts”

Looking Back

By Angelica Chong (14A01B), Daniella Low (14A01B) and Gao Wenxin (14A03A)

A monumental moment in our Institution’s history occurred in 1969, when RI finally opened its doors to female students attending its Pre-University classes. Continue reading “Looking Back”

A History of Raffles in Ten Objects

By Bryan Chua (14A01A)

As RI celebrated its 190th anniversary, the theme ‘Great Expectations’ encouraged Rafflesians past and present to reflect on the journey Raffles has taken and the milestones it has achieved to arrive at where we stand today. Continue reading “A History of Raffles in Ten Objects”

A Tale of Flora and Fauna (Part 1)

By Inez Tan

‘There is actually a lot to appreciate about plants,’ Dr Adrian Loo, the former Dean of the Raffles Science Institute says as he shows me some of his favourite green spaces on the campus. ‘We use them, but we don’t really have the culture of understanding the plants we grow.’ Continue reading “A Tale of Flora and Fauna (Part 1)”

Putting the ‘Green’ in ‘Green Black White’

Dr Abigayle Ng (left) and alumnus Sean Yap at the Biodiversity Pond

By Divya Muthiah (14S06C), Lim Shaomin (14S03K), Kylie Wong (14A01B), Tan Jun Xiang (14S06C), and Izzat Rashad B Rosazizi (3T)

While it’s one thing for RI to have eco-friendly initiatives, as a school, its strength lies in the educational experiences it offers. We ask RI staff as well as young alumni who are deeply concerned about the environment what a truly green education might encompass. Continue reading “Putting the ‘Green’ in ‘Green Black White’”

Singapore’s Eco-Poet

By Madeleine Lee

Madeleine Lee (RGS, 1978), is an investment manager who also writes poetry and short stories about everyday things which we often fail to see in our busy lives. She has amassed many poems on trees, insects, fungi and things she sees on nature walks and the meaning therein. Continue reading “Singapore’s Eco-Poet”

Natural History in an Urban Jungle

By Sean Yap

As more Singaporeans start to appreciate nature, natural history and heritage are slowly stepping up to a larger stage on the national agenda. Continue reading “Natural History in an Urban Jungle”

Raffles Goes Green(er)

By Jeremy Yew (13A01B), Cara Leong (13A01B) and Jonathan Tan (13A01C)

‘It’s getting hot in here…’
‘I’m melting into a puddle of sweat!’
‘Cannot tank[1] this heat anymore!!’

In January last year, many Rafflesians must have heard the same tormented cries issue from their peers as they streamed into their classes after every morning assembly. Continue reading “Raffles Goes Green(er)”

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