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Issue 3

Inspiring the Next Generation

By Izyan Nadzirah

Raffles Institution has never detracted from being a school that welcomes bright minds who can make the grade regardless of their financial status or race. Continue reading “Inspiring the Next Generation”


Welcome to the Hood

By Izyan Nadzirah

Have you seen the social experiments online where Singaporeans are made to help one another with a broken down car? Continue reading “Welcome to the Hood”

Book Review: All the Way North

By Ramgopal Venkateswaran (4C)

Fright, flight or fight? When extra-terrestrials invade Earth, Zack, a Malaysian teen, got far more than what he had always wished for. Continue reading “Book Review: All the Way North”

Book Review: A Certain Exposure

By Joyce Er (15A01A) and Myko Balbuena (15A01B)

Things in Singapore have certainly been heating up recently. Debates on topics such as homosexuality, and on perennial concerns such as race and religion, and elitism and equality, are increasingly commonplace. Continue reading “Book Review: A Certain Exposure”

A Tale of Flora and Fauna (Part 2)

By Inez Tan Continue reading “A Tale of Flora and Fauna (Part 2)”

More Than Just the Mainland: Stories From Singapore’s Islands

By Izyan Nadzirah

Sitting in a birdcage, where can we go? (…) Here we go to market then head home, to market and home (…) But even if I could repent (taubat) and turn to God, repent ten times, I can’t go back to the island (balik pulau).Continue reading “More Than Just the Mainland: Stories From Singapore’s Islands”

Non-Traditional Universities: The Road Less Taken

By: Allison Choong (14S05B), Feng Zhuo (14S03S), Valerie Chee (15S07B) and Kang Yi Xi (15S03N)

Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT. When the typical Rafflesian ponders his or her dream university, these top universities are often the ones that first come to mind. Continue reading “Non-Traditional Universities: The Road Less Taken”

Bursting the Rafflesian Bubble

By: Bryan Chua (14A01A), Chloe Wong (15S06N), Tan Yi Chern (15S03N), Tan Su (15S07A) and Chu Phuong Anh (15S06C)

Many Rafflesians talk about wanting to be engaged with the wider community, and to do their part by giving back to society, but how many of us really feel for the causes that we serve? Continue reading “Bursting the Rafflesian Bubble”

Going the Distance

By Adeline Wong and Inez Tan

On 25 March 2014, the RI Cross Country team made history by sweeping four team titles (Girls’ A Division, and Boys’ A, B and C Division golds) at the National Inter-School Cross Country Championships—a win unrivalled in the sport’s 55-year history in Singapore. Continue reading “Going the Distance”

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