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Issue 4

Life is Bigger Than You

The Rafflesian Times Interview with Chief of Army MG Perry Lim and Chief of Navy RADM Lai Chung Han

By Michelle Zhu (15A01B), Nicholas Baey (15S03F) and Teo Yao Neng (3G)

In 2014, two of our alumni, Major-General (MG) Perry Lim (RI, 1988; RJC 1990) and Rear-Admiral (RADM) Lai Chung Han (RI, 1989; RJC 1991) were appointed as Chief of Army and Chief of Navy respectively. Continue reading “Life is Bigger Than You”


The Cadet with Many Hats

by Izyan Nadzirah

When Mr Kirpa Ram Vij (RI’56) received the Sword of Honour in 1960 for his dedication to the Singapore Volunteer Corps, little did he know that it would set in motion his far-reaching influence in shaping Singapore’s defence. Continue reading “The Cadet with Many Hats”

Senang di-RI!: Inspecting the History of Uniformed Groups in Raffles Institution

by Dylan Yap, Su Zhen, Wei Jun and Wilson Chan



‘For some reason, our boys loved to join the uniformed groups. In those days, homes were over-crowded and there were plenty of remote and uninhabited places in Singapore to stay out and pitch camps. Continue reading “Senang di-RI!: Inspecting the History of Uniformed Groups in Raffles Institution”

To SIR with Love

by Inez Tan

‘Actually, all boys need to belong to a gang,’ theorises Mr Siu Kang Fook (RI, 1968), a former 02 Raffles Scout. Continue reading “To SIR with Love”

The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth: The Culture of Programming in Raffles.

by Kang Yi Xi (15S03N) & Valerie Yap (15S07D)

And so it seems in this  world of Silicon Valley giants and booming technology start-ups. Yet, for many of us, our relationship with programming is a rather paradoxical one Continue reading “The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth: The Culture of Programming in Raffles.”

Balancing Country & Homework: The Lives of RI’s National Athletes

by Rahul Jayaprabha (15S07C), Marcus Tan Yong En (15A01A), Wahid Al Mamun (15A01A), Christine Saw Hui Ying (15A01A), Chong Ee Hsiun (15A01A)

Being an athlete is by no means an easy feat. Continue reading “Balancing Country & Homework: The Lives of RI’s National Athletes”

Making the Case for Charity at Home

by Wilson Chan (15A01C), Christopher Liew (15S06E), Martin Lim (15A13A)

As Singapore pulls ahead in its modernisation and globalisation efforts, we can no longer exist in an insular vacuum and remain oblivious to the issues that the global community faces. Continue reading “Making the Case for Charity at Home”

Not Just a Man’s Job

By Inez Tan

Even as more Singaporean women join the defence sector, they remain in the minority, regarded by their male peers with some measure of wonderment, and, perhaps, awe. Continue reading “Not Just a Man’s Job”

The Choices We Make

by Dominic Chua

To some people, the two years of National Service can often seem like a like a period of wilderness, weeks and months of one’s life in a state of limbo. Continue reading “The Choices We Make”

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