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Issue 6

The Rafflesian Times Phone Fast

How long can you go without touching your handphone?  Continue reading “The Rafflesian Times Phone Fast”


The Secret World of (some of our) Science Staff

by Inez Tan, Izyan Nadzirah and Jason Chua

You notice them around, in the science lab and your classrooms ensuring that your laboratory experiments or science classes go smoothly. But outside of RI, some of our science staff possesses unique and interesting hobbies that go beyond the science syllabus. Continue reading “The Secret World of (some of our) Science Staff”

Things in their Bag, or on their Desk : Our Discipline Masters

Just what goes into the bags or resides on the desks of our school’s Discipline Masters and Mistress? Continue reading “Things in their Bag, or on their Desk : Our Discipline Masters”

Wang Jing (望京)

Photography is about telling stories. It makes quite a lot of sense, then, that we – a group of Raffles Institution students – did more than just photograph the people of Beijing during our short, nine-day visit. Continue reading “Wang Jing (望京)”

Lose Never Mind; But Must Win: It’s really not just about Soccer

by Alex Tan (16S03B), Karen Cuison (16A01D), Rachel Lim (16A01E)

To every batch of soccer girls, coach Mr Leong Chee Mun tells the same story that has almost attained the status of a glowing myth, Continue reading “Lose Never Mind; But Must Win: It’s really not just about Soccer”

National Science Challenge: Behind the Scenes

by Ethan Aw (3E)

‘THE CHAMPIONS OF THE NATIONAL SCIENCE CHALLENGE 2015! WHO ARE THEY?’ ‘RAFFLES INSTITUTION!’ Continue reading “National Science Challenge: Behind the Scenes”

Mind Sports: Chess

by Shiv Dhar (2P) Justyn Lae (2D) Ethan Aw (3E)

The intense focus that binds us to what we are doing, the adrenaline that pumps through our veins, motivating us to give our very best and the beads of perspiration that form down our back – these are the very aspects of sports that lure all athletes back into the game. Continue reading “Mind Sports: Chess”

4280km for Cancer

by Izyan Nadzirah

It may be a delayed reaction, but the once-mischievous Prasatt Arumugam (RI, 06; RJC, 08) will be using his pent-up energy to trek the Pacific Crest Trail that extends from the Southwest to the Northwest of USA to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Continue reading “4280km for Cancer”

Challenges in the Modern Classroom and how Mindfulness can help

by Tan Cheen Chong

Gratification comes quickly in today’s fast-paced and result-oriented environment. Continue reading “Challenges in the Modern Classroom and how Mindfulness can help”

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