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Issue 7

Service And Kindness: A Look Into RI’s Service Culture


Noor Adilah (17S06B)
Nadiya Nesseer (17S03B)


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An Interview with Artist Tengku Sharil

TENGKU SHARIL (b. 1996) is an alumni from the batch of 2014’s H2 Art Class. He is currently serving his national service in the army and is set to pursue architecture for his undergraduate studies.

By Joanna Ng

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Celebrating 25 Years Of The Raffles Institution Boys’ Brigade

by Ivan Tang (17S03K), Lee Yee Teng (17A01E), Valerie Lim (17A01E), G. Sureendhar (17S06B), Neilsen Chan (17S03A), Tyrone Yeo (17S03G), Chia Zhi Yi (17S06A)


The 25th Annual Parade kick-started with a flourish. 57 Boys and 33 Primers proudly marched onto the parade grounds to a spectacular performance by the Pipes and Drums band of the Raffles Institution Boys’ Brigade (60th Singapore Company). This year, as RIBB celebrates its 25th Anniversary, we witnessed an incredible display of our achievements, along with the promotion of a record-number of 17 Year 1 students to the rank of Lance Corporal, as well as the handover of leadership from the Batch of 2016 to the Batch of
2017. The Parade was followed by a Dinner, which showcased our journey as a Company through these 25 years. The event reunited the entire Company, past and present, bringing alumni and pioneer teachers-in-charge since 1991 together to witness and celebrate the growth of their Company.

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Spacing Out


Aaron Tan (4C)

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The Empathy Equation is problematic and the reason will shock you



Catherine Zou (17A01B)
Bay Jia Wei (17S06R)
Serafina Siow (17A13A)

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From Strangers To Best Friends: The S7 Joint Residential Leadership Programme


by Ethan Aw (4E)

This year’s residential leadership programme took on a decidedly different Twist – the year 3 boys staying for a full term in RI Boarding were joined by Student leaders from four cluster schools, namely Bishan Park Secondary School, Peirce Secondary School, Guangyang Secondary School, and Whitley Secondary school, joined the South 7 Joint Residential Leadership Programme (S7JRLP). Yugesh Kannan (Bishan Park Secondary School), Rayner Tan (Whitley Secondary school), and Chew Jay Hong (RI, 4E) were roommates in the past term, And they were eager to share stories about their time in boarding.

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Hatching A Sustainable Singapore

title page.JPG

by Izyan Nadzirah

‘Any decisions made today must consider the benefits and influence on the next seven generations.’  So states the Great Law of the Iroquoi, which is frequently associated with a familiar buzzword — Sustainability.

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Bottle Woes


by Bryan Ling (17S06C)

Have you ever misplaced an item in school?

If you’re like 89% of the student population, the answer is yes. According to a survey conducted by Raffles Press, nearly 9 in 10 Rafflesians have misplaced an item in school. Continue reading “Bottle Woes”

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